Should one just give up?

I don’t know about you, but does the all the grooming, dieting, exercising as well as keeping the house so clean you could eat off the floor get a bit overwhelming and you think you should just give up?   I’m at that stage now. 

It was only earlier this week that I had a couple of exercise sessions under my belt, my hair coloured and styled which cost a fortune but looked and felt great, if I don’t say so myself.  My clothes were starting to get a little lose and I’m sure my face looked a little fresher.   The house was spotless, clothes all washed, dried and put away,  and the dishwasher was empty because all the dishes were clean and put neatly away in their dedicated spots.  The towels were foldered and neatly stacked, in colour order, in the linen cupbloard.  The pantry and fridge was stocked with a couple of days worth of food which also included food for making lunches.

Forward a few days…….

My hair is overdue for a wash because I haven’t done it since the hairdresser did her magic, and I wanted to get my money’s worth.  I’ve just noticed I need a wax – not telling you where, but I need one none-the-less.  I’ve put on half a kilo because I’ve had a few wines and a bit too much to eat over the last couple of days and I haven’t been for a run.  The dishwasher is full and there are dirty dishes piling up waiting for the next load.  There is a washing basket full of towels in various colours waiting to be foldered and put away.  The bed hasn’t been made for days and the dust is slowly but surely settling in for the duration.  We’re out of food, hense the Thai takeaway tonight.  I’ve become a sloth!  And now I feel bad because society, on a whole, have become a people of perfectionists and I’ve subscribed to the group.  It’s exhausting!

I’m thinking about leaving the group but who am I kidding,  I love getting my hair done.

Author: Kitty

First and foremost I'm a busy working woman but I'm also a mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. I was brought up in a small country town but I've lived and worked in Sydney for over 20 years. I'm a slack blogger because life and earning a living gets in the way.

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