About Anne Watkins

Anne Watkins was the name given by my birthmother, it’s the name on my adoption application form, on my order of adoption certificate and my original birth certificate.

Anne Watkins was the only name I called my birth mother for over 35 years even when I realised Watkins could not have been her name.

In March 2017 I found both Anne and my birthfather Donald through Ancestry DNA and in doing so uncovered Anne’s real name.

Armed with my family details my journey now is one of discovering my true bloodlines

Anne 1936 – 2006

Donald 1918 – 1993

We never met but I love none-the-less!


The following information is what Anne gave the adoption agency.  On the most part all the details are correct except Anne had six siblings not two.

January 1961


Age: 24

Birthplace:  Portland Victoria

Address:  107 Jersey Road Woollahra NSW

Religion:  Roman Catholic

Nationality:  Australian (both sides of the family)

Education:  Age of leaving school: 17yrs

Employment:  Trained Nurse

Estimate of intelligence:  Above average

Employment of Mother’s family:  

Father – deceased (rlway)

Mother – home duties

Brother – 16yo school

Sister – 20yo nurse

Description of mother:

Height:  5’2″

Build: Average

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Brown

Complexion:  Light olive

Any peculiarities:  Reading and painting.


Age:  40yo

Nationality: English (both sides of the family)

Education:  Well educated

Employment:  Company Director, was a Major in Army in the war (assumed WWII)

Estimate of intelligence:  Above average

Employment of father’s family:

Father:  Film Producer

Mother:  Home duties

Siblings:  2 (1 x film, 1 x unknown employment)

Height:  5’10”

Build:  Solid

Hair:  Black

Eyes: Grey

Complexion:  Olive

Any peculiarities:  Artistic


Description of baby (me):  weight – 5lb 15oz, Length: 20″

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