It’s Monday morning, here we go again

As previous blogs have had a direct relationship to even more previous blogs, this one too has a cousin – the last blog.

It’s 6am and I’m getting some therapeutic writing done to lift my spirits up before I start the morning ritual of getting ready for work. The weekend has been busy with friends and family. It’s Josh’s birthday on Tuesday so I have a few errands to do in my lunchtime today in regards to getting a few pieces of jewelry repaired, which is what he wanted for his birthday.  But as the case on most Mondays, I really really don’t want to go to work.  Yes,  I know that the last blog went on about loving my job, and I do like it a lot (love is a bit of a strong word to use about work) but what I don’t like about work is it’s the last place I want to be on a Monday.

What is it that I really want to do on Mondays you ask?

To answer this question right at this very minute (6.21am), I’d have to say ‘nothing’- “I really want to stay home and do nothing”.  And that would work up until about 9am when I’m sure I would decide what I’d really like to do today which would be one or more of the following:

  1. Go to Kristy’s and spend the day with her and the kids – this would be the high contender of the day
  2. Stay home and clean – this would take me up until about 9:15am, as the place is clean at the moment
  3. Stay home and exercise – the last time I exercised at home during the hours of 9am and 5pm is well……mmmmm……never
  4. Stay home and write – this is also a good contender but I have to be very much in the zone, meaning I can only write when I’m stressed or feeling up or down or emotional – so this possible contender is very much dependent on my emotional state and today I don’t have any emotional issues at this moment in time (just my dumb luck)
  5. Start painting – have I mentioned before that I can’t paint?  Yes I have, so there lies the issue with this contender
  6. mmmm….let’s see, is there a possible 6th contender?  mmmmm….Nah….. So moving right along

Ok, looking back over my list I’m sure I would select ‘2’, following by ‘1’ then possibly 4 depending on how the day went doing number 1.

[insert music here that gives the impression of coming out of a dream]

Well it’s 6:38am, I have until 7am of dreaming what I’d really like to do today before I start the morning ritual which means:

I’m going to work!

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