I love my new job

It’s been far too long since I’ve said that I love my new job. For the most part I’ve hated the first 6 weeks of any new job I’ve started.  I think the reason for that is what seems to be a big misinterpretation of what a ‘Business Analyst (BA)” really does.  With the exception of BT, I think I was a little frightened when I started there because of their reputation and my lack of confidence.

My new job is off to a flying start. I’m working in the digit media space and it’s very exiting to be at the leading edge of the new ‘digital media’ era. Ok, I know that digit media has been around for a while but with the smart phone revolution, digital media has now a whole new channel via smart phone and Internet TV.  The move out of the superannuation industry has been the best thing that’s happened in my career since working at Cards Etc who were working with leading edge technology at the time in the smart card space.  Smart cards are the ones with the micro chip used nowadays as extra security such as verifying pin numbers when purchasing stuff via credit card.

Anyway, given that I’ve only just got my new smart phone, a HTC Desire HD, of which I’m very happy with, I’m really getting my teeth into this job.  I’ve even worked way past my usual leaving time just because I couldn’t drag myself away.  I’m sure I’d still be there this morning if I hadn’t been dragged away by Michael, who also works there, to share our drive home.

And yes folks, I did mention that Michael also works there.  First time in 13 years since I moved to Sydney that we’ve ended up in the same organisation,  but given he’s a Project Manager and usually has BAs reporting to him, it was bound to happen eventually.  And since we are both in the digital media space, it may well be that I end up reporting to him for a project I’m assigned to in the future, assuming I will have a future working at Optus.  Future as in at least 2 years because that’s the longest time Optus allows their contractors to work for them,  and I stand by my policy of never taking up a permanent role.

So here I am loving my new job. The affects are apparent as in I’m sleeping much better, it doesn’t bother me that I get to work around 9am and leave around 6pm and it doesn’t bother me that I’m relatively dumb when it comes to the telecommunications industry so I’m running fast to understand. 

So fingers crossed this gig and my enthusiasm lasts!

Author: Kitty

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