Don’t ya just hate it?

Don’t ya just hate waking up after a weird dream, your heart is racing and you feel like something bad’s just happened or is about to happen?  I certainly do.

The dream I had tonight was set in a stone castle. Not in any particular location but the castle represented something to me rather than the others who were with me. I can’t be specific about who was with me but I think one one of them was my friend Karen.

Throughout the dream I felt like the castle was haunted but not by a bodily spirit,  just by the presence of an eerie feeling. As typical in real life, I was up early and the rest of my dream cast were asleep upstairs.  However, the eerie feeling grew intense and I felt unnerved by it so I started to make my way back upstairs to wake the others, however, at the bottom of the stone stairwell I was confronted by an archway that once framed the staircase but was now only inches high.  I wasn’t going up and no on was coming down.  At that moment I felt relieved that I wasn’t upstairs but worried what the castle had in store for me and for my trapped friends.

Although the height of the archway would have been impossible to squeeze through, I lent down to see if there was a way of getting through and of course there wasn’t. While I was surveying the situation, I heard someone on the other side of the archway making their way down the stairs. It may have been Karen. She didn’t seem fazed by the blocked stairway so proceeded to try and get through, which was ridiculous because she barely got her foot through the tiny gap. It was at this stage I panicked and decided to run outside before the castle locked me in. I thought that I would be of better help to the others but only if I got out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out but not because I was blocked, it was at that time I woke up. 

I guess I’ll never know what the ending is and try as I might to get back to sleep, I’m sure I wouldn’t finish this dream but instead have another bizare dream. So at 4.30am in the morning I got up and made my way downstairs, less the one inch archway. However, as I made my way down the stairs in total darkness, I had that feeling again, the one where you feel there is someone behind you and you’re not sure if they are protecting you or want to push you down the stairs.

Author: Kitty

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