Who’s your daddy?

This section of my blog is about adoption and the effect it has had on me and my life.  Here is a little about my personal story.

I was adopted at birth to a wonderful couple who lived in a town called Lithgow.  My father was a prominent man in the community and my mother was a homemaker.  My immediate extended family consisted of a brother, who was also adopted at birth, my maternal Grandmother (Nan) and Aunty who lived next door, my paternal Grandmother who lived not too far away, and cousins from both sides of the family.

My two Grandfathers died when I was 4 and 6 years of age, so my memory is somewhat vague but thankfully I do have some fleeting memories, for that I’m truly grateful.

On the whole, it was a wonderful loving family, and I miss all those who have passed and those whom I have lost touch with.

I have much to write about when it comes to my adoption and not enough time to write all in one sitting, so this section of my blog will grow in time.


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