Tics and twitches

My eyes have been a little troublesome lately and I have recently developed a tendency to blink.  Along with the blink I now flex my neck muscles so tight that they feel like they’ve been through a boot camp session.   Now this habit is not new to me as I use to do it oh so long ago, when I was a little girl.

Given my newly developed, or should I say re-developed habit, I decided to google the phrase “why do I blink a lot?” and the first search results page took me to phychcentral.com/ask-the-therapist where she informed the enquirer of the same question that she may have a ‘tic’ disorder and should see a Doctor.

My next google search ‘tic disorder’ displayed a list of pages which when selected all seem to tell the same story – I have a tic disorder. The symptoms being: excessive blinking,  grimaces of the face, quick movements of the arms, legs or other areas and contractions of the abdomen.

Holy shit, I do it all!

I’m just grateful my tic disorder is defined as a motor tic – involuntary movement involving discrete muscle groups. The other tic disorder is vocal such as Tourette syndrome and given that I’m famous amongst my friends for saying how it is – well I wouldn’t be able to take my mouth out of a confined room – I shudder to think.

I decided that my little tics and twitches were not involuntary, meaning that I could control them, therefore I wasn’t a sufferer of a tic disorder.  So I stopped blinking, flexing my neck and another habit  (not mentioned earlier) where I pull my shoulders back so my blades greet each other for a short embrace.

Ok, I’m doing well,  30 seconds,  60 seconds – I have this thing licked – 90 seconds, ok, I’m not doing so well, 2 minutes, I’m caving in to the desire.  O.M.G  2min and 20 seconds – I couldn’t do it. Now I’m blinking, flexing and pulling to make up for all the missed ones – I do have a problem.

O.M.G – I’m a frigging fruit cake!  Who would have thought?

This self discovery session reminded me of my other traits or should I say “paranoias”, but I think I need a good lie down before I tell you about those. *blink* *blink* neck flex, shoulder squeeze!

Author: Kitty

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