Farewell yee thongs

Today my dear friend our 6 month relationship takes a new turn. I can no longer spend all day with you. I know we’ve had fun over this summer, we’ve walked many miles together, we’ve frolicked on the beach, we’ve painted together – I even have a few drops of paint to remind me. We’ve walked over rocky hills and you’ve even supported me when I’ve had to make a mad dash somewhere – I overlooked the blister you gave me because I knew how hard those dashes were on you.

I wore you out to dinner and I apologised for hiding you under my long dress but I couldn’t bare to cheat on you with an uncomfortable pair. But alas, from today I have to let go of our long days together but we can still be together in the morning and the afternoon, we can even spend the odd lunch together.

As much as I’d love to wear you to my new job, you know how those corporate snobs are,  all tottering around in their high heels. But don’t worry I’ll never give in to them, they are cold and heartless unlike your comfortable selves.

I can’t even wear a long dress to hide you but don’t despair I’ll hide you in my bag during the day and I’ll look in on you every now and then just to say hi and maybe a quick cuddle but in the not so distance future, I’m sorry to say that we’ll have to take a longer break from each other as the days will get colder but it won’t be long before we can be together again next summer.