Kity Passions

If you’ve read some of my blogs you would have noticed that I often write about several topics in which I feel very strongly about. They include:

  • My family – having three kids, 2 grandkids and one son-in-law gives me loads of material for my blog, especially my grandkids whom I spend lots of time with. I’m very much a hands on Nanni and I love every moment.
  • Adoption– since I’m an adoptee I have strong views about all aspects concerning adoption, contraception and abortion.In the case of abortion, although I’m pro-choice, I think abortion is abused and many women who are capable of bringing children into the world decide to take the easy road.  I’m glad that my mother decided to bring me into the world even though she wasn’t in a position to raise me. After all I was given to a wonderful family through adoption.  If I was aborted then five other wonderful human beings wouldn’t be here today.
    I too, at the age of 19, found myself with an unplanned pregnancy but luckily for my beautiful daughter and my two beautiful grandchildren I took the hard road which turned out the be a road bathed in gold.  I just wish many women who find themselves pregnant and who have a loving and supporting family to help would think about the alternative to abortion. Also, I battle with the concept of dona sperm and I have written several blogs that explain why.
  • Atheism – the more I listen to prominent proponents  to Atheism such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Stephen Fry and to atheist comedians such as Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Car and George Carlin to name a few, the more I’m bewildered that in the 21st Century so called modern man believes in a mythical being such as God.   The same God who in the Bible – the greatest piece of fiction known to man,  has commanded more killings than any mass murderer that has existed on Earth. I’m also astounded by the hypocrisy of religious followers who pick and choose what parts of their religion they follow.
    I knew a women who was a Jehovah Witness, she denied her baby son a blood transfusion and he died but she was quite open to the odd drink of wine on a Sunday afternoon.  Of course this is one of the worst cases of hypocrisy I’ve been exposed to personally but I haven’t known a religious person yet that wasn’t a hypocrite to some degree.
    Also, Religion scares me when mixed with education and politics.

My opinions are my personal views and I understand there are many opposing opinions to mine. I try not to impart my beliefs onto people but I do hope what I say will be taken into consideration and I always welcome a healthy debate on these and other topics.  It’s an enriching life to learn from others and to impart knowledge but only when either party are willing to listen.

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