Missing you

Me and Mark 1982

I went for a run this morning, and a beaut morning at that.  As I always do, I had my ipod playing uplifting music to run to.

My music choice is rather broad but to cut a long story short about my music taste, one of the Albums on my ipod is the B52s. The song Junebug came on. Although this song wasn’t released until the mid 80s, the song itself reminds me very much of my party life in the late 70s when the B52s first came out. This era (late 70s) is the era I refer to as the Mark era.

Anyway, when the song commenced I was pleased at first, pleased to be transported back to ‘the day’ where lots of drinking and partying was done by me and my friends of the time, in particularly Mark.

No sooner did the feeling of pleasure disappear into a feeling of sadness and loss, followed by the feeling of longing to see Mark again.

I love you Mark and will never let anyone forget you were here, especially your grandchildren!


Published on: Mar 1, 2011

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