My Daughter

When I think of my daughter, I can’t help but feel blessed beyond words.  She is everything a mother wants in a daughter.  She’s loving, caring and funny.  When we are together we always find something to laugh about.  In my eyes she is a fabulous daughter, wife, mother, sister, grand daughter, niece, great niece and friend.  She’s never given me any trouble, for that I’m truly grateful.

I never want to be separated from her. I will witness her getting old and I will see the grand kids grow up and even see them start their own families. To think otherwise is just not an option.

She loves me unconditionally and she knows the good and the bad.  She is so like me it’s scary. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a re-run of my life when I’m around her and the kids.  To be able to view ones life through someone else and be proud of them and their achievements makes me see within myself and feel that I too have made someone proud.